GuideApp St. Petersburg

GuideApp St. Petersburg

Guide to St. Petersburg is one of the best mobile applications dedicated to Russia's northern capital. Guide to St. Petersburg provides information about all places of interest for tourists during their trip:

- main sights;

- entertainment facilities;

- the best cafes and restaurants;

- exhibitions;

- museums;

- theatres.

Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, Alexander Nevsky Monastery, Church of the Saviour on Blood, Kazan Cathedral and the Russian Museum, The Bronze Horseman, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Winter Palace, the ‘white nights’ and bascule bridges – the Guide’s list of St. Petersburg wonders the city is famous for goes on.

If you prefer thoughtful and meaningful exploring of new cities and countries, this St. Petersburg guide will be interesting to you due to its detailed historical section telling about different eras in life of the city and heroes of those times.

Tours around St. Petersburg described in the appendix contain description of tourist routes, architectural masterpieces and historical events along your route. Each St. Petersburg attraction is described in a detailed story. A separate topic is dedicated to the world’s famous suburbs of St. Petersburg such as Peterhof, Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), Oranienbaum (Lomonosov), Kronstadt and Pavlovsk.

Planning to visit St. Petersburg with children? Overview of children's attractions in the Neva River city will help you make the trip interesting also for the youngest members of your family. A planetarium, a zoo, a dolphinarium, a circus, the Doll Museum, the Cat Museum, various play centres – bright impressions from visiting these places will remain in the memory of your child for life.

Want to see the city from an unusual perspective? A story about mystical places and criminal history of the northern capital will render your trip a special mood. The mysterious past of St. Petersburg has been puzzling, exciting and scaring both people of the city and visitors for decades. A small dictionary of local slang included in the Guide to St. Petersburg will introduce you to a unique St. Petersburg talk.

A number of tips included in the Guide will make your stay in the city more convenient, interesting and informative. Due to this application you won’t question yourself as to which St. Petersburg sights you should visit, where to relax or what to buy as a souvenir. St. Petersburg on hand will prompt you where to find and buy genuine St. Petersburg souvenirs, as well as provide information on favourite dishes of St. Petersburg people, public transport links, comfortable hotels, the city's main events, etc.

Use this application and you won’t get lost in the vast metropolis. GuideApp St. Petersburg all-in-one provides maps of the city, metro, while if connected to the Internet – will help you navigate both St. Petersburg main attractions and suburbs. Travelling around the northern capital with St. Petersburg on hand mobile guide is informative, easy and entertaining. Comprehensible narration style, hundreds of colourful illustrations, user-friendly navigation and informative stories about the city ensure the application is indispensable on your trip.

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